The END has come for Windows XP

So Bill and the gang at Microsoft have pulled the plug on Windows XP, so what does that mean if you still have a Win XP system?  Well for one there will be no further security updates from Microsoft and the fear is that hackers will exploit flaws in the Operating System to take over your machine.  However, even with the security patches over the years, it has been difficult to stay ahead of the hackers.  Hacking is what hackers do, with or without the support from Microsoft you should be aware of the real possibility that any information or machine can be compromised.

As the Clash sang many years ago, should you stay or should you go? Jo Best of ZDNet has a great article that lays out all of the options for you (click here for the article).  Remember, if you need local assistance on switching or upgrading, you can always contact Elite Computing Company to help you decide the option best for you.

XP support from Microsoft ended April 8th, 2014


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